1. Quality Policy
     Customer Satisfied, Excellence Quality
  2. Environment Policy
     Legitimate, Streamlined, Precautionary
  3. Safety Policy of Supplier chain
3.1 Obey the law, company policy and customer’s
      safety policy
3.2 Risk control, Perfect safety policy of supplier
3.3 Safety awareness, keep audit and  improvement
3.4 Labor Law Compliance, prohibit from child
      labor, slavery, and trafficking human
  4. Social Responsibility Policy
4.1 Obey the law and regulation
4.2 Ensure freedom of employment
4.3 The treatment of human right and forbid  
      the illegal Discrimination
4.4 Offer the reasonable wage and welfare
4.5 Environmental protection
4.6 Intellectual property right protection
4.7 Revealed communication
4.8 Insist on honest business
4.9 Run and popularize the Social participation